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Lauren and Tim are Getting Married! - Save the Date!

Lauren and Tim - Save the Date

Alexandra Meseke

One of my good friends is also engaged (!), and we have had SO much fun planning our weddings side by side. She’s getting married in January, and I’m getting married in March — so on paper, it’s almost like we have three months in between, when in all actuality, it’s only six weeks! So when she asked me to help her design her save-the-dates, I was thrilled! We had so much fun coming up with a sleek design to complement her ultra-modern wedding theme. Then, a week after getting hers into the mail, I told her I needed to come up with our save-the-dates!

Destination brides, allow yourself a little extra time for your save-the-dates. Your guests will need to arrange a hotel, a flight, transportation, etc., so give them a bit more lead time if you want them to make it to your special day (DWH recommends six to nine months in advance). Tim and I knew we wanted to incorporate a photo of us in a cute way, and there are SO many different ways to do it these days!

I had a quick chat with my editor, who suggested one of those darling save-the-date banners. One problem: My cousin and best pal are the crafty ones in my life — not me! — and I felt it was asking too much to request that they hop-to and create a handcrafted banner that was cute, simple and totally our style.

Ironically, the same day, when I checked my mailbox at work, I found an envelope that held an adorable little bow tie on a stick (you’ve seen these, I’m sure) and a flyer advertising Say Cheese! Paper Props, a boutique that makes paper signs, banners and props like lips and mustaches on sticks. Now, in all honesty, I’m not into the mustache thing but totally get why people are. It’s such a fun and clever way to get your guests (or you and your groom!) to loosen up and have fun, quirky pictures taken. When I went to the company’s website, I found these adorable banners that are customizable in the colors and shapes you choose!

Tim and I opted for a black-and-white, looped, circle save-the-date banner. I knew we would be wearing bright colors, so I didn’t want to pick something that would clash. I am SO excited how our save-the-date turned out — we can’t wait to get a “bride and groom” banner for our wedding pics!


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